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Pool area with a fire-pit and a lake overlook

How We work

Hallway with large windows; and a high, vaulted, wood ceiling
Our Unique Approach

Our approach to every project is the same, one that is a collaboration of the greatest design and construction oriented minds that the West has to offer. From the start your project will be a one-of-a-kind original story that evolves as we progress from the design to the day we move your family or firm in.  We utilize a full concierge style focused team that will handle each and every detail.


Our design to build process has evolved into the most advanced, graphically, of any offered in our industry. From the first steps onto the property the story begins to unfold through artist sketches (click here to see example), to a full set of digital concepts and color renderings (click here for example). These concepts quickly unfold to tell the story to the Owner in the form of near photographic level renderings to complete the story (click here to see link), leaving nothing to the imagination. You will see your home, or building, in a graphical way that has never been seen before. By doing so the process moves far quicker, from a industry normal timeline of 9-12 months, our process typically is complete in 3 months. Watch the video here – see why we believe our design process is second to none…

Interior Design

Our design approach is a one team effort, made up of experts in each category that help to create the legacy that will be your home. Interior Design is an integral part of the entire design process, part of each and every aspect of the interior and exterior, assuring that the project flows together as one, as though it was meant to be. We’ve taken it as step further by integrating the interior design teams' masterpiece as part of our actual photographic rendering production. This allows us to show the Owner the completed project, including all the interior finishes, furniture included, prior to ever starting to dig the project. Click here to see an example of a final presentation of a rendered project.

Kitchen island with a backdrop of rustic, wooden cabinets and floating shelves

Our Process


Phase 01

Within the first 7-14 days of our initial meeting with our clients, we provide them with detailed sketches of their future residence. Over 90% of our residential sketches tend to look identical to the final product.
Sketch of Blacktail Project


Phase 02

After the sketches are presented, within about 30-45 days, we will have a full set of plans, along with exterior & interior animation perspectives. This gives our clients an early, very realistic look at what their residence will look like before the builder even breaks ground.
Construction drawing by Payne Cole


Phase 03

Shortly after the plans are delivered, we start to design hyper-realistic, 3D renderings for every detail of the home. These renderings are shown in true-to-life fashion, designed on the land, pulling even the smallest details of the property to life through animation.
Hyper-realistic rendering of Blacktail Project, by Payne Cole

Animation Video

Phase 04

Right before the build begins, we produce a high-quality animation video, highlighting certain features of our clients home.

Final Construction Drawings & Interior Finishes

Phase 05

As the process prepares for the start of your home, the team finalizes it’s multi-faceted teams of Architects, Engineers and Designers to create the most inclusive Construction Drawing set the industry has to offer. Created in a highly graphical and detailed manner that will simplify the complexities of today’s luxury homes to the field teams as the project begins it’s journey of becoming a home. Simultaneously the Interior finish selections are further taking shape to create the entire concierge style package to your home. No details are missed, no unknowns, simply perfection.
Back patio of Deep Bay Project, by Payne Cole
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