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Eric Payne, Co-Founder

General Contractor

(406) 270 - 8789

Eric Payne, co-founded Payne Cole Designs, alongside his partner Nic Cole, in 2021. Eric was born and raised in Maryland, on a smaller farm with his father, who was an early founding engineer for IBM, so at an early age, Eric became quite tech savvy. After his older sister visited the Flathead Valley area in 1995, Eric made a visit and fell in love instantly.   He is known for bringing a new level of construction knowledge that is not typically found in architecture design firms. With an eye always focused on luxury, he has taken his own private construction firm to one of the largest in the State of Montana. Beyond building and design, Eric is known for the strong, positive relationships he has with his clients. He finds them to be one of the most gratifying parts of the project. Because of his tech savvy upbringing, Eric has a passion for bringing technology to a sector that has had little to none in its history.   Payne Cole Designs offers full digital renderings on every detail before they are built for clients. Eric has been leading the building and design world in the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Even during the most challenging economic period in 2008-2012, Eric and his team had a growth rate of nearly 300% during those years, bringing in more than half a billion in projects since 2008. When not at work, Eric enjoys spending his time fly fishing, boating, ranching and horseback riding on his property – more specifically, team roping.

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